Sportogo is out of business, apparently

The maker of the 2008 giant balls and the 2014 slightly smaller balls appears to be no longer in business. That is sad, as I had… ideas. Does anyone have any recommendations for a largish inflatable ball that is durable, light, inexpensive (relatively), and plentiful? Thanks.

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I saw a few size, options (bare or with covers) for $20-50 per ball. They are marketed as toys to keep horses entertained. Might look around with that in mind.


The 2016-2017 FTC cap balls may work. I am pretty sure they were in FIRST Choice last year but I can’t seem to find them on any website for sale. It could be worth looking into.

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Thanks @ngreen, that looks great! And a smaller size of 25" or 30" may be even better for what I’m thinking. I appreciate it.

Robotics leads in so many weird directions. Never thought I would be looking at horse toys.

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have any extra first choice credits?


RFID whitepaper?


When I have time. I won’t ask you to write it for me tho


Ok, hear me out. You can buy bean bags (covers only) from amazon.

But instead of filling them with beans

(also, @FirstHQ, when are we getting a bean bag game piece? Corn had it’s time to shine)


Looking for the return of floppies?

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Those were packing peanuts as I recall…

imagine the nightmares when a robot rips open a beanbag

Introducing the revamped 1999 FIRST Robotics Competition challenge: Doggo Trouble


Sponsored by Remy the Corgi.

Meme theme

You call that a nightmare, I call that endgame.


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