Spray Painted Pistons

I was wondering if anyone knew if team are allowed to spray paint any of the pneumatic pistons. I wanted to make sure before we went ahead and did it and discovered that it was against the rules. Thanks.

Don’t paint them. I have never seen any rule against it but it will make your inspectors job more difficult. He has to identify the cylinders and find the part numbers.

Inspecting pneumatics is hard enough, give the guy a break.

Thanks for the warning, I’ll tell the guys since we usually paint the robot our team colors

If you get some lycra in your team colour and sew it into a tube (simple to do… just ask anyone with a sewing machine), you could pull it over the cylinder, but slide it back easily for the inspector to check the part numbers.


As a caveat, inspectors need to identify that the cylinder is indeed on the allowable list…
<R89> In addition to the pneumatic cylinders provided in the Kit Of Parts and the “free” pneumatic cylinders available for order through the Free Pneumatic Components Order Form,additional air cylinders or rotary actuators may be used. All cylinders, regardless of source, must be identical to those listed on the Free Pneumatic Components Order Form (e.g. samepart numbers). Any additional air cylinders must source from Bimba or Parker Hannifin, or be recovered from prior year FIRST Kit Of Parts.

See also R90 and

<R92> Pneumatic components supplied in the Kit Of Parts (compressor, regulators, pressure switches, cylinders, valves, fittings, tubing, etc.) can not be modified except as follows:

Consider pneumatic components sacred. They must remain in “out of the shipping box” condition.
I think that says it all.