Spreading FIRST to other countries

Hi :slight_smile: ! I’m from team FRC 2914 and am Vietnamese. I only joined FIRST since last year but have had a wonderful experience so far, not only from learning new things but also from meeting wonderful people. This is why I want to spread FIRST to Vietnam.
However, as part of the integration process, FIRST must send a letter to the Vietnamese embassy/ Vietnamese Board of Education to guarantee/ approve of the program in Vietnam. Can anyone tell me who I can contact in FIRST in order to discuss about this ?
Also, any suggestions about how to start out and spread the word about FIRST in Vietnam would be very much appreciated.
Thanks :smiley: :smiley:

I would start out by sending an email to frcteams@usfirst.org to discuss any particulars that FIRST can do to help you get permission from the government.

The greater FRC community can help with tons of advice on running your team, and you will get responses from them right here in Chiefdelphi.

Thank you ! I gladly appreciate your advice. I would also like to invite you guys in our amazing new project, i would like to work along side of your team to spread FIRST in Vietnam.