Spring loaded claws

How did people build spring-loaded, passive claws for the 2018 cube game? I’m wondering if the springs can just do the job for adjust the size difference between the cubes and cones.

I’m not sure I can picture what you’re describing. A passive spring claw (normal springs, surgical tubing, etc) would have to be REALLY tight for cubes to do cones or vice versa.

We’re experimenting with a version of a 2019 combo claw, actuated with pneumatics, to see if the closed position can do cones and the open position can do cubes.

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Are you talking about something like floor intake/vault scoring mechanism on the 2018 Everybot? You can check the documentation here to see if that matches what you are looking for. The roller wheels were powered, but there was elastic pulling the intake arms together so it could automatically adjust to the 11" or 13" Power Cube dimension.

Triple Helix did an amazin intake that adjusted to the cube,

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You may want to reconsider a spring loaded claw, both the cube and the cone are pretty squishy, do you actually need the extra compliance?

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