Spring return or loaded Cylinders

Is it legal to use spring loaded or return cylinders, if they match every other specifications of the cylinders allowed? Bimba makes them in the sizes allowed.

I have not looked up the specific rules in the manual, but there are restrictions on which types of cylinders you can use.n (check the pnuematic section of the manual).

If you cant use a spring return cylinder, you can make on by only driving one end, and use surgical tubing or some other spring material to pull the piston back.

I just looked at the pnuematics rules and flow chart and can’t find anything that prohibits a spring return this year.

**However this is misleading ** because per <R99> the cylinder must be identical to those on the ordering sheet in the pneumatics manual. On said order sheet there is no spring return option, ergo you may not use spring return cylinders.


if thats the case you can still use a spring return mechanism that you fabricate as part of your assembly, instead of having the spring inside the cylinder itself.

and then it has to meet all the safety requirements for springs.

Agreed Ken with one caveat. You have to make sure you don’t violate the modification of the cylinders rule (<R94> I believe). This should be obvious to many participants but… :rolleyes: