Springs on a minibot?

So I have some team member wondering if springs are allowed on the minibots.
I believe that rule <r-92> says no, however part J makes me wonder if its possible.

Any ideas?


i would agree with you and say no. If its not listed under the things that can be used on the mini bots then i wouldnt risk it. I would stick with the things that they say can be used. i will check the rules to make sure though

Spring springs are not in the list.

But rubber bands and surgical tubing are (parts U and V).

Twisted rope could also act as one, but I’d go for rubber bands first.

Thanks guys i’ll let my team members know


It’s rather questionable, considering that ruling <R92> under listed part J says:

non-metallic rope, or cord

If you’re thinking about a different materialized spring, it may be considered. Deff check with the Q&A, otherwise assume no because springs can be deemed dangerous in some way shape or form.

Just my two cents.

Well, unless you used a NON-metallic rope or cord for a spring (i dont know how you would, feel free to let me know) you could not use a spring; also, that would be pretty hard because your minibot has to stay in contact with the pole throughout. So

  1. it’d be hard to make a non-metallic spring
  2. it’d be hard to make a non-metallic spring with a enough force to get to the top
  3. it’d be hard to make a non-metallic spring with a enough force to get to the top while touching the pole, which would impede in some way on the upward speed
    Happy to help,

What about launching it? Can we launch it directly from the robot to the pole?

NO that would not only be dangerous, but from what i have looked at in the rules it is not allowed please do not try it

With a spring? As long as the spring is connected to the ROBOT/HOSTBOT, and not the MINIBOT, the spring is part of the ROBOT and would be legal.

Can you provide a reference point from the manual? I mean, there are methods we’ve thought about, and considering that we’re working with a steel pole, that means that there’s potential for magnets as well.

Just my two cents.

If your looking for more of a compression type spring I would suggest using bent polycarbonate. Although too much compression could cause permanent defermation of the polycarbonate, so be careful (also it would be a weak spring). In addition with the mention of using rope to create a spring you could do this by utilizing the rope as torsion catapaults do.

Hahaha, don’t worry, my team already kind of considers my a bit loony.

But why not? It’ll have to be sturdy and have a latching mechanism but that’s all. Even with a cubic foot of space, we can still make it possible. Plus, we only have 10 seconds to climb 11 feet, and this is the quickest way possible.

I was thinking of using surgical tubing since that would light weight and easily stretched. With no height limit this year, it should be too difficult to make a catapult that could possible also double as an arm.

Excellent idea. But won’t the magnets disrupt both the sensors and the electronics on the minibot?

From thread http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/newreply.php?do=newreply&p=993370:

Does this mean it can’t be thrown above the line area?

I feel like using magnets would only slow you down.

Who says the mini-bot needs electronics?

What if your mini-bot was a passive cylinder that wraps around the pole and is then launched from a HOST-mounted “crossbow” (or other stored-energy launcher). I get the feeling this isn’t in the spirit of the mini-bot, but I don’t see anything in the rules specifically forbidding it.

Size =/= power. A small and light magnet can easily be very powerful. However, a magnet powerful enough to latch a 15 lb bot onto a pole would probably disrupt the sensors on the pole and also the electronics on the minibot as well.

Interesting. However, I see a few problems. If the magnet is powerful enough to attach a minibot onto the pole, won’t the electronics be disrupted on the hostbot and the sensors on the pole?

<G46> MINIBOTS may only be used to climb the TOWER.

I don’t know if launching would be allowed.

The magnets will not affect the electronics or sensors in any way unless you are using magnetic reed switches or hall effect sensors.

I’ve build a few VEX bots that use magnets to climb steel walls and I-Beams and never had a problem with the sensors, electronics, or radios.