I have a number of spring questions.

  1. Can we use extension springs other than the ones provided. I don’t see any on small parts catalogue.
  2. What is the snugger spring listed on the extra materials list.

Latex Tubing!

The stuff is great. It is legal. AND you get about 4-7lbs of force PER WRAP.

Need 500lbs of force in an extension spring… …no troubles, it is just 100 wraps!

The Chief Delphi Robots would be lesser machines without this reliable, remarkable, noble and incredibly useful material.

I better stop… …I’m getting all misty :wink:

Joe J.

Latex is great stuff, but it doesn’t last long.

I wish we could use bungee cords too. They are cheap, readily available, easy to use, covered in braided nylon, available in a huge variety of spring rates and lengths, and very tough. Hmm…I wonder if they would pass as fasteners or “rope”.

tOP SEcrET!!

If you really, really needed some springs there is a nifty desk lamp in small parts that has the 4 bar linkages to come out over the work area, its loaded with springs nice big ones. Cost about $50 bucks

Good luck

(By the way we were trying to figure out where to get legal springs also, this appears to be a way)