sprocket help

This is sorta out of my league (as I am more used to dealing with programming problems), but my team’s elected me the unofficial Chief Delphi searcher/go-getter. Anyway.

We have a bit of an emergency. :ahh: During testing today, one of our gears snapped and being that we have two days before shipment, we’re kinda hard-pressed to find a replacement part or find a company open on sundays that has same-day or next-day shipping.

If anyone has any ideas as to where we can get parts for the New York/New Jersey region within the given time, it would be VERY much appreciated.

Thanks again!


www.mcmaster.com www.sdp-si.com

I’ve gotten overnight shipping from McMaster a few times. It was extremely expensive, but it got here the next day. Same with SDP-SI. I don’t know if they will ship on sundays though.

Here in Scotch Plains, NJ, we often get stuff from McMaster next day when we pay regular shipping (supposed to be 3-5 day). I suggest you call them up and find out what kind of shipping it will take to get it next day. Also, if it isn’t too hard to change, you can legally get the same sprocket during the “fix-it window” or 2 days after ship.

There is a Motion Industries very close to you at:

Motion Industries, Inc.
60 Railroad Avenue
Hasbrouck Heights, NH 07604

Check there first thing in the morning - they may have what you need in stock. If they do you can just drive over and pick it up. They have been very helpful to us in the past.


What exactly do you need? Gear or sprocket? We have some in the shop and will be there all day tomorrow (MOn) if you want to send a driver down.
We might have something you can use- especially if it is a sprocket.

PM me if you want to give it a shot.


Thanks for all the advice… we ended up finding a bike sprocket that works just fine. :smiley: see y’all at regionals!


Keep in mind… bike sprockets were not designed to run with #35 chain. A bike chain is slightly smaller.

Also, bike chain has a longer spacing between rollers. But maybe they are using bike sprockets and chain all around.