Sprocket Ratios

Our team is currently involved in some last minute programming and we were having trouble figuring out what sprocket ratios to do our calculations with because obviously we shipped the necessary sprockets over a month ago with our robot. Here’s our three questions:

  1. Is the encoder axle the same as the drive axle (in terms of the gearbox for the 2009 KOP)?

  2. How many teeth are on the drive sprocket (2009 KOP)?

  3. How many teeth are on the driven sprocket (2009 KOP)?

Any help on this would be great! If any clarification is needed on any part of these questions I’d be happy to do so.


The KoP checklist,

has the drive sprockets at 15 teeth and the driven sprockets at 22 teeth. I believe the Toughbox has the encoder mounted on the output shaft.


That all sounds correct to me.

Thanks! This was a lot of help for our autonomous.