Sprockets and Chain

Could someone please help me with a problem we are having? We need to order some more sprockets that are exactly the same as the ones we have. I’ve looked at the mscdirect.com site and it is to confusing. What exactly am I looking for? Also need help on what type of chain to get. I need another chain that is like the one in the kit. THanks for any help.

The chain is #35, also called 3/8" pitch. The sprockets are 3/8" pitch 45 tooth and 10 tooth, with 5/8" bores. This information can be found on page 9 of Section 6- The Kit from the manual.

Alright, I’m assuming the “ones you already have” are the sprockets that came in the kit.

Sarah answered this well already.

Other notes:

  • Make sure you use the idler sprocket and keep that chain TIGHT
  • When ordering chain, make sure that you have lots of master links
    and half links. - Ideally, you should make sure that you have the center distances on your shafts such that you won’t ever need half links. To do so, you should probably use a sprocket center distance calculator.

Oh look, I have one! (Sorry for the shameless plug of my own work…) It’s attached.

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Sprocket Center Distance Calculator.xls (17 KB)

Sprocket Center Distance Calculator.xls (17 KB)

Yeah, where can one order more of that chain? I know what kind it is and everything but I can’t find it. Not even at the website cited in the manual. Help please?

www.mcmaster.com www.mscdirect.com www.smallparts.com www.SDP-SI.com

All of those have #35 chain.