Does anyone know where to find large approx 2 foot in diameter sprockets?

What ANSI # or chain pitch are you looking for. #35 is pretty common for FRC. (if FRC is what this is for). However, I don’t think you’re going to find something that large, at least not in that pitch. A company called Azusa Engineering makes a nice 114 tooth aluminum one (for gokarts) part number 2699-114 which measures 13.829" in outside diameter, has six 1/4 inch holes on a 5.25" circle, and 4.563 ID. If you are going for a large reduction, I believe the smallest sprocket you are going to find is a 9 tooth. This combination would give you a 12.67:1 reduction. :slight_smile:

or are you thinking for like a turntableish? you odnt need a full sprocket for that. just have a couple teeth every so often around a round disk. find a way so the chain always rides the teeth (when they come around) and you can have a MUCHO lighter “sprocket”…

Like this?

Not exactly 2ft diameter but its a #35 aluminum 99 tooth sprocket

Robot 05 (160)s.JPG

Robot 05 (160)s.JPG