Spur gear to go CIM for 56mm Banebots

I need to know a few specs of the 56mm gear that goes on the CIM for the banebots transmission they are:

diametric pitch (dp)

of teeth

pressure angle (pa)
bore size (inside diameter)
length (or face width


DP: 32
#Teeth: 20
PD: 0.625 in
ID: 8 mm
Length: 0.75 in
PA: Unknown (probably 14.5 degrees)
Material: Unknown

Can anyone fill in the unknowns?

There’s a bit here.

By the way, the gears are 0.8 module (metric), which is equivalent to 31.75 pitch, and will mostly work with 32 pitch gears for our purposes. Also, since it’s metric, the pressure angle is very likely 20°.

If you’re so inclined, one supplier of .8 module spur gears is www.pic-design.com

Years ago, this company was able to provide difficult to find .7 module gears to mate with the Bosch drill outputs, as some may recall.

Finding 0.8 module gears is not the easiest thing to do.

Pic Design has a stainless steel 0.8 module, 20 tooth, 20 deg.p.a. gear, but it has a 10mm bore: MSG29-20 (although, I could only find it in my hard copy catalog)

Misumi has a stainless steel gear, same specs but with a 6mm bore: GEABS0.8-20

QTC has a carbon steel gear, 6mm bore: SSCP2.5-20

Stock Drive Products has one that may be perfect, with an 8mm bore: S10T08M020S0508

All of these part numbers were found through www.globalspec.com.

BaneBots won’t sell these gears individually?

Andy B.

Nope I tryed contacting them they said that because of how they get the parts they cannot sell parts individual from the “kit”