Spy-bot Question

We were wondering exactly what a spy-bot is able to do, specifically in autonomous. Can the bot be holding a boulder when the game starts in autonomous and launch it from there? Similarly, are there any other special functions of spy-bots, or is their sole purpose to receive balls to launch into the tower from other robots?

Thank you so much for your help.


A spy bot is the same as any other bot. The only difference is the starting position.

For a 2 boulder autonomus, starting in the Spy Bot position is huge. It would:

  1. Shoot Boulder High (10 points)
  2. Drive across Low Bar
  3. Get a Boulder from the Mid-line (without touching the Mid-line)
  4. Drive back over the Low Bar (and score 10 crossing points)
  5. Shoot 2nd Boulder High (10 points)

Instead of 3 crossings, it only has to do 2. And, it is already lined up to shoot at the beginning of Autonomus.

Might I also add that, per G13, it also can’t cross the midline, therefore it has to grab less than half of the ball.

Does the spy robot have to stay in the box at all times or can it move to breach defenses?

You’re confusing the SPY and the Spybot. The Spy is a human, and can’t leave the Spy Box. The only difference between the Spybot and the other robots is starting position. So, to answer your question, the Spybot can move to try to shoot or to cross defenses (bearing in mind that Crossing only happens from the Neutral Zone).

thank you for your help.it is greatly appreciated.