Spy Bot Rules

My team, TARDIS robotics, was wondering about the legality of some of the things we want to do. ( All of this question are from the spy bot position)

Can the spy bot move in auto?

Can it get a ball at the beginning?

If you can move the bot in auto do you get 2 points if you touch the outer works?

Points for Breaching outer works?

Thank you for your help
TARDIS Robotics

Yes, yes, yes, yes.

Spy bot must touch both barriers. Can start with boulder. Can do anything else another bot can do from there but are in a better position to shoot a goal in auto as they are already in opponent courtyard…BTW its impossible to breach in auto you can damage one defense in auto per bot and unlimited goals per bot (per boulder rules of course)

This demonstrates team 333 starting as a Spy Bot for the red alliance. As you can see, they start with a ball, shoot, move, and cross a defense just as a normal robot would. This is a perfectly legal 20 point autonomous despite the unusual starting location.