Spy Communication Idea

“G29 During a MATCH, DRIVE TEAMS may not use **electronic devices **which have the capability of
receiving communications from persons outside of the CASTLE (e.g. cell phones or wearable
Violation: YELLOW CARD”

So does this mean carrier pigeons are a valid form of communicating with your spy?

I was thinking arrows with messages attached.

Nothing in the rules against it, and they aren’t all that expensive either

Would it not make more sense to put the message in a coconut, then have a swallow deliver it by gripping it by the husk? The wind speed velocity should be far greater for an african or european swallow than for a pigeon.

How about two paper cups with a taut string attaching them?

Probably not pigeons, but an African or European swallow could work. It would depend on the size of the coconut that contains the message, you see.

That was our plan B

Reminds me of some more monty references…

Whiteboard with a happy or frowny face. At the moment that’s about all I’ve come up with for the spy to communicate. Not sure if the spy can actually hear what’s going on behind the glass … anyone with a full field care to share?

Why not take a lead from athletic sports… Hold the yellow sign labeled ZEBRA

Something that uses light (or IR) to communicate is technically a “photonic” device, and not an “electronic” device.

One could argue that an electronic device that converts a non-electronic signal is an electronic device. However, that would mean the Driver Station is an Electronic Device because it receives communications from the robot, which is outside the Castle. Or if there is a student that wears a hearing aid …

The OPERATOR CONSOLE is explicitly allowed by Section 5.5.9.A.

Carrier pigeons are extinct, so probably not a good option.

G29 During a MATCH, DRIVE TEAMS may not use electronic devices which have the capability of receiving communications from persons outside of the CASTLE (e.g. cell phones or wearable
technology). Violation: YELLOW CARD

Also, it never states that the drive teams can’t use electronic devices which have the capability of sending communications outside of the castle.

So I’m saying…maybe as an example: The drive team has a wireless transmitter that is connected to a wireless receiver that the spy has.
This will only work if it’s a receiver that is only able to receive communication from a single paired device, the one in the castle, or else it would have capabilities of receiving communications from people outside of the castle.
I don’t know any 1-on-1 transmitter - receiver systems by name, or where you’d get them, but if you do, they’re in compliance with the rule.
The drive team in the castle is only receiving communication via non-electronic methods from the spy, and the spy is only receiving information from the drive team within the castle.

Actually, it’s passenger pigeons you’re thinking of. Carrier pigeons can still be used–just need a small message carrier tied to the leg of a homing pigeon (like are released at some events en masses).

Try putting your message in a bottle, and throwing it to your human player. Make sure the bottle is glass and very fragile, so it breaks the moment they catch it, and therefore relays the message faster.

There is kind of DIY communication tool look like that


that is a fantastic way to communicate with spy.

hope you like it;)


sorry that is the picture



One spy for all three teams right? Going to be hard. Maybe paper 1,2,3, with a arrow that they can point up down left or right? ??

We have a 4 student drive team. I envision a spy and interpreter (coach position). The interpreter stands where the spy and interpreter can see each other, and relays info from/to all the teams.