Spy Communication rules

Is the spy allowed to use an airhorn or a trumpet to communicate? We can’t find any portion of the rules forbidding it.

You might find air horns are prohibited by the safety rules. I don’t know about a trumpet…it probably depends on how loud it is. If it’s loud enough to be effective, it’s probably also loud enough to be considered unsafe.

Are there any rules about using walkie-talkies as they use FM radio waves as opposed to wifi. What about the use of large posters that simply say '“LEFT” “RIGHT” “FORWARD” “BACKWARDS” etc.???

5.5.9 T26-1, Item F, Sub-item v will answer your question regarding the walkie-talkie question.

Item B of that same rule (along with the notation at the bottom of the rule regarding which ones pertain to the Spy Box) should answer your second question, but a Q&A may be needed to be sure (and may already be asked, but I haven’t looked there myself for this).

As our team was discussing the uses of having our human player being the spy we stumbled upon an idea that we wanted to get clarification on. We were thinking of making so gloves to be worn by our spy that have programmable LED strips on them with a few buttons to changed them from one color to another in order to give instructions based on the hand and the color shown. Is this even legal?

Given that the Admin Manual section 4.13 doesn’t allow you to have a band in the stands, I’d say that a trumpet in the Spy Box would be out of line as well.

Did you see the part about non-powered devices in T26-1? There’s also a Q&A indicating that a flashlight would be legal, provided it wasn’t turned on (at which point, a baguette or leg of mutton would work as well).