Spyder Crab

The Iron Bulls would like to present Spyder Crab

This is the team’s first foray into WCD (or anything off the kitbot for that matter)
Everyone’s pretty proud since this was the first for a lot of things this round

  • Drive train
    • 6 wheel flat with 2 omnis (trying out a non centered drive base)
    • 4 CIM power
  • Power cell management
    • Front/Rear intakes (no true front aside from the omnis we added this year)
    • Active PC deflectors added early in the design last year after seeing the test runs teams were sharing
    • Elevator can take from either hopper
    • Arms retract for damage control and adjusting PCs in the hopper if needed
  • Scoring - we don’t have a ton of resources, so we adjusted
    • The entire head has a bolt pattern to rotate before a match
    • Duel Neo Launcher
    • Two position angle adjustment top
  • Maintenance
    • Though the pic is a bit messy, the bot was designed to have the entire top removed quickly
    • Secondary bare top for bumper mount compliance and competition upgrade options


Looks good!

Do you need the 1x1 bars across the outside of the wheels? They make for a good bumper attachment point, but they block the wheels from sliding off the axle. Can you just rely on your little 2x1 standoffs to support the bumper?

I’d also recommend you move the chain on the “front” wheels to between the wheels and the drive rail. There is arguably more force on the chain than there is on the wheels, so moving the sprockets closer to the bearing would reduce your moment (twisting forces). It will also make servicing the wheels easier since they’ll slide off.

[edit] - I see you mentioned that the entire upper assembly comes off. That’s cool, and it helps with accessing the wheels. Still, I think the above suggestions might improve things a bit.

dual intakes+a lack of active contact inside the bot is kinda weirdchamp, but ig makes sense since your hoppers aren’t very deep

I’d add some walls to the hoppers to prevent the balls from bouncing out as well (just some thin sheets of pc should do the trick), but ya aside from that really good looking robot, excited to see it in action!


Is there any reason why the elevator area before the shooter could not be taller? I can’t quite tell what the overall height is. I’d also be concerned with lack of contact time with the balls prior to hitting the shooter. I foresee it leading to inconsistencies with shots.

Any videos of it running?

I appreciate teams who understand their limits. I think some reassessment of cutting weight by reducing an intake, and then increasing contact time with balls via a taller elevator or an active hopper could really elevate the design. You can still do wonders without an active turret.

Overall a cool concept that can use some tuning in execution.

Yeah, in hindsight we wish we switch the wheels and the chain, but can’t now as the wheels would interfere with the outside bar. The bar we need cuz we can’t go over (6-8"?) of bumper unsupported.

Understood. But it seems to me you could move these middle pieces outwards to get your 8" separation.

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