Square root of negative 1

One of the few FIRST tee shirts I have seen had a logo that was the square root of negative 1. I saw it in Concord NH but it mentioned an event on the west coast. I would have talked to the person but I was already late. Anybody know of a team with that logo?

Perhaps a team with an I in their name. Do you remember which west coast events? I’m a west coast guy, and I’ve never seen such a shirt.

Unfortunately I do not. It was about two weeks ago and it has bothered me ever since. It was neon green/yellow and had the FIRST logo and sponsors on the back but that is about all I remember.


My FTC team has a logo similar to that but we are probably not the team you are talking about because we are not in NH or West Coast. Our website has the same logo that is on our tee shirt


Thanks for the reply but I do not think that is the team. The rest of the logo is different. But I liked the website.

Team Inconceivable from Rochester, Minnesota uses that in their imagery. I can’t find much stuff on them online, but they are neon green. Their number is 2530.

I doubt they’re who you’re looking for, though.


I looked at 1 video on the Blue Alliance and the shirts looked similar but I wish there were better pictures.


I recall seeing shirts this year that were just sqrt(-1) on the front, which is why they came to mind. I can’t come up with a good picture of their current shirts though. If I can find one, I’ll post it.

We’ve got sqrt(-1) on our shirts this year:

We’ve used sqrt(-1) since 2008, our rookie year, but until this year its only been one of many “special” symbols used to spell “Inconceivable”

But we’ve only ever competed in MN and WI.

I might be an alumnus wearing their old shirt too. I don’t know the exact context though, so that might be totally wrong.