Square Tube Mill Fixture

This is my take on a square tube fixture for our Prolight CNC mill. Fairly simple, just basic Mitee-Bite eccentric clamps, an aluminum plate, and two stainless bars sitting in a groove in the plate. Holds 1" and 2" wide material. Designed to make the most of the limited real estate on this small mill. The clamps were hard for me to trust at first, but have a surprising amount of grip (800lb of force) with a reasonable amount of torque on the bolts. They’re not exactly cheap - you can get them from McMaster at about $7 per clamp if you buy in bulk, so I made a bunch from scratch.


What do you do for through holes?

Not sure about their solution, but when we drill tubing we never drill through both sides of the tube from one side. The drill bit always deflects a huge amount and the holes on the opposite side could be off as much as .030".

As mentioned above, yeah gotta flip the tube. Our endmills are too short to make it all the way thru in one go anyways.

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