Squishing Power Cells for shipment purposes

Hi all,

Given the Power Cell crisis international teams are going through - In Israel we are faced with a decision to either order through YAROK (the Israeli official supplier) and pay 30$ (!!!) per Power Cell, or go about finding a more reasonable direct order alternative.
We as a team decided that 30$ is unacceptable, but so far are having no luck finding a solution.
I could make this post a rant about this whole situation but someone already got this ball rolling in another thread.

One thing I was thinking of is trying to ship them to a US address and ask the recipient to pack them as tightly as possible in a box and ship it forward to us, to minimize volume and therefore international delivery costs.
The thing is, I can’t tell for sure if we risk permanently deforming them by doing so and with only 1 ball in hand can’t risk damaging it by running a squeeze test.
Would anyone with spare balls be willing to run this test for us - pack a ball in a box as tightly as possible for a full day or so and then take it out and see if it completely returns to its original form and shape?
It may sound silly but it could possibly make the difference that saves Israeli teams a total of thousands of dollars.


Perhaps the process used to compress memory foam mattresses for storage and shipping can be used.


Maybe one of those vaccum bags where you suck all the air out with a vaccum or pump and it compresses the content?


I will take a vacuum bag to our shop tomorrow and see how they compress and if they “re-inflate”. Will put pics on when we get it done


Thanks a lot!
Waiting patiently to hear/see how it went.

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Vacuum bag is definitely the way to go. Once you have the bag vacuumed down make sure to use some heavy duty tape on the outside to hold it closed. (As in compressed) We recieve all of our upholstery foam (at my job) that way, to save on shipping, but sometimes the bag is punctured and the shipping companies REALLY don’t like it when it suddenly inflates / “explodes”. Especially if it’s under another package and damages it. :flushed: (Although I wil say the power cells seem to inflate somewhat slowly)

Oh, I forgot to add that after you open them you should give them a couple of days to inflate to full capacity. After being compressed for any real length of time, the foam will want to stay that way. There’s a big difference between foam that was packaged right away and foam that was sitting on the shelf compressed a while before being shipped. So it will probably depend on how long they take to ship, but after a couple days they should be good.

This is not practical or even possible for many international teams to get someone to compress the Power Cells for them.

It would have be very nice if the Game Piece supplier (AndyMark) took that into consideration and shipped all Power Cells that way

It would be absolutely awesome if US teams show GP and help international ones by compressing and shipping some Power Cells (The foreign team will cover the shipping and Power Cells costs of course)

One thing I noticed when I hand compress the cells is to put a finger over the hole to keep the air out. Maybe compress, tape the hole, then box them? Holding one this way (with the finger), they do slowly decompress, so the skin isn’t exactly non-porous.

Ok here we go:

Fresh stuff

In bag:

Vacuumed down:


Please note no power cells were harmed in the making of this demonstration :grin:


It looks like you made a bag of Power Cell jerky :wink:


Oh no, are we going to have to tell people not to eat the power cubes cells again?

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I don’t think anyone is going to eat those. The students who checked the contents of the totes said they almost got high off the smell from the ball when they opened the bag enclosing it. Other students were squeezing the ball to squirt a revolting smell at their teammates :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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