SRC Rapid React Online Simulator Tournament - Compete this Sunday, February 27

It’s official: SRC is back with Rapid React! Join us THIS WEEK, Sunday, February 27 at 2 PM Eastern for SRC Rapid React, featuring a full set of qualifications, alliance selection, and elimination matches! Will strategy or firepower win in the end?

It’s the first xRC Simulator event of the 2022 season! Fill out our non-binding interest form to give us an idea of the number of competitors that may be interested!

Compete in our SRC competition on Sunday, February 27!
(1) Join our Discord:
(2) Fill out the interest form:

Maybe you watched the week 0 event on Twitch, but have you been able to drive a robot in a full competitive match and see how strategies may change throughout a competition? Get a feel for the balance of the ranking points and how a competitive alliance selection may go! Compete this weekend and get an insight into Rapid React strategy, or just compete to have a great time!

Interest Form:
Twitch Stream: Twitch
Discord Server: xRC Sim
Tournament Page:

See you on Sunday at 2pm Eastern / 11am Pacific!


Today is the day! I invite you to come join us in the first ever SRC Rapid React event! It is completely free to play and compete in the event, and you can still participate! All you need to do to compete is join the xRC Sim Discord and check-in for the competition once the check-in period has begun. If you can’t take part, be sure to catch it live on Twitch.

Check-in will start at 1:30pm Eastern / 10:30am Pacific. The event will start at 2pm Eastern / 11am Pacific.

Join the Discord to follow xRC Sim updates and to compete in today’s competition!

The event will be livestreamed on Twitch:

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Matches are underway! Come tune in and catch the simulator action! Alliance selection and playoffs are coming later! Cheer for your favorite robots!

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