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They “sharpied” it at worlds. It was not powder coated between events.


Is that a joke or did they really paint their robot at worlds?

Not sure it is a good idea to go around exposing teams for rule violations without concrete evidence, especially considering the only thing noticeable that changed it the colour of the robot.

The season is over, and nothing is going to change now, so it might not be a good idea to go around chasing an unnecessary fight. People don’t like being accused of things they didn’t do.


Their pit crew got bored in the pits at worlds between matches and used a black sharpie to make the metal black. You need to double check your facts before you publicly accuse a team of anything. And there are several ways to handle something like this (even if the reason was legitimate) and none of those ways including publicly blasting the team.

The fact that you aren’t even willing to back up your claims with your actual account and are instead using an anonymous account says a lot in itself. Stop trying to spend time to potentially ruin a team’s rep, and instead handle any such matter professionally.


More teams should be using sharpies on their robot apparently. That doesn’t look half bad.


And they made Einstein, definitely a positive correlation there.


@Karthik can we shut this one down?



I tried to save us from this fate.


As the captain of 548, I can confirm that we sharpied our robot and did not violate any bag and tag rules in the mix.


thanks we spent like 6 hours on it on wednesday


This would be a really good time for an apology…


Is this a branch off from another thread?

As the pit mentor for 548 at both MSC and Detroit worlds, I also confirm that this was 100% done with sharpie after the robot was uncrated and unbagged.

It was actually a hilarious and extremely entertaining undertaking. At one point, we actually had more Hall of Fame team members helping us than actual members of our own team.

VERY disheartening to be wrongfully accused of an action without knowing the story.

EDIT: And for the record… KING SIZE sharpies work the best.


2522 Royal Robotics did this during their 2nd event at Glacier Peak. Robot started silver, and by the end of the event it was black. Looks really good too, you can check out the photos on TBA.

They invited everyone from the other teams at the event to take a turn with a sharpie, it was super fun.

It helped that their robot was running well for the most part and they had time in the pits to do it but yeah… Sharpie is a surprisingly viable way to make your robot look good.


We did get quite a lot of inspiration from you guys! It looked good from the pictures we saw on Reddit!

If you ever do this again, slice the tips off the markers so you get the full width of the foam ink sponge thingy on the inside. A lot less work!


Sadly, anonymous single purpose accounts made only to sling unwarranted accusations at teams don’t generally show signs of regret or remorse. Before their post was deleted, they edited all of the text out of the title and description, which is the best we’re likely to get.

The third reply in here still contains the full text of the original post. Maybe you want to remove that one as well.

ah yes on the official match videos the robot looks spectacular.

up close in the pits though… yikes…

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