SSPF STEM Center is looking for FRC mentors!

The following post if for the Chandler , Arizona area…
Si Se Puede Foundation is looking for FIRST Robotics mentors. They have a new home in the SSPF STEM Center with machining equipment and an FRC practice field. They are looking to rebuild their teams bigger and better than before! If you are interested see link for flyer.

Mentor Request flyer (2).pdf (659.2 KB)


Here are the links for the two FRC teams that we’re recruiting for if you’re interested in learning more about them.

FRC Team 5465: Binary Bots
FRC Team 6413: Degrees of Freedom

If you’re not from AZ, but you know people who are, consider sharing the flyer with them to help us get the word out. We’re also looking for additional help with our two FTC teams for next season. Thank you!

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Does anybody know somebody we should be looking up in Arizona for mentors? The STEM Center is scheduled to be complete by September. We are more than happy to give tours!


Great opportunity, Fredi! May be worth contacting the FIRST RD for AZ and their Senior Mentor who often handles mentor/team recruitment.

We have already reached out. Thanks Joe! Will work on Senior mentor next! Machines are slowly arriving!


We got our new rotary air compressor, its it only 60DB loud!


“Success Engine” is a very forward and excellent name for any tool.


That looks like a wonderful facility. I am sure that I am not the only one getting a severe case of “shop envy” :wink:

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SSPF STEM Center-Mill moved into position for electrical hookup
We used a variation of Archimedes approach to moving things to move the 3000lbs mill
Archimedes said, 'If you give me a lever and a place to stand, I can move the world. … To paraphrase Archimedes, give me a place to stand and a lever strong enough and I can move the world.
We used a floor car jack, blocks of wood and a pallet jack.

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…and notice the 1726 alumnus, wearing the 4183 shirt, doing all the work…


Be careful getting that mill down the last few inches. It can find it’s own way down pretty fast if you aren’t careful. A 2 ton shop crane can lift it, barely. You may blow the seals in the ram. Ask me how I know. A Johnson bar is also a nice thing to have for moving heavy stuff around.

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We got our half field of official FRC carpet delivered today!


Lathe and Mill in position for electricians at the SSPF STEM Center!

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