St. Joeseph QF2-2 4 climbers?

Here’s a pic of how our QF2-2 match ended at St. Joseph. That was a fun one and will be something that the team will talk about for a long time.


I believe the scoring value of this situation is 70 pts for blue: 30 pt climb awarded due to contact by the red robot, 10 pts each for the other two blues, and 20 pt technical foul against the unfortunate red robot, caught in the wrong place at the wrong time.:o

How was the hanging/penalties actually scored in this match? I’m curious to see how the refs handled it.

Thanks for the link to the other post. I added the pic in the new one because it was what we thought a pretty new situation. Parents have video if it, but I don’t have it yet. The refs before the competition spoke a lot on G30 being intent and they did not want to get into specific situations. And I personally agree with that.

As the coach and alliance captain of the poor red 4237 robot it was scored as interfering with one climb for 30 points and the other two were legit ten point hangs. In our driver’s attempts to escape from under the pyramid we racked up fouls. I lobbied for a pinning penalty because the three robots held us in place for over 5 seconds per G31. The head referee decided not to call it, which I understand completely.

I personally blame us getting caught in the pyramid on our weak drive train. We used two mini-cims running one powered wheel per side along with a pair of unpowered omnis. We tried to push 3602 out before they touched the pyramid, but we were overpowered. Defiantly a learning experience.

Here is a video of the match, sorry for the few spots where the robots exit the frame. It is currently processing so it should be working shortly: