St Joseph

Hey Indiana or Michigan, I know it’s probably too late for 2020, but for 2021 could one of you please change the name of your St Joseph event? It’s confusing to have two district events within an hour drive of each other that are both called St Joseph. Thankfully they are on different weeks this year, but that may not be the case for future years, and if they’re on the same week like in 2019 things get particularly confusing.

Particularly looking at you Indiana, since Michigan had the name since 2013, and you have only had it since 2017. Plus, your districts don’t even have a standard naming convention, St Joseph and Tippecanoe are named after counties, and Center Grove is named after the high school. How about calling it Penn or Mishawaka instead?

Just something that would make my life a bit easier…


It’s especially confusing this time of year, when I don’t know if St. Joseph is referring to Indiana, Michigan, or that dude standing by the manger.

I suggest champs from each event compete against each other to see who gets the name.


Fist fight or with robots?



Well, both events are adjacent to the same Saint Joseph River, so…

Water game?


We always call in Penn anyways.


My team hosts the Michigan St Joseph district, since 2013. A few years later when the Indiana St Joseph district got started, we contacted their coordinators to ask if they would consider another name. Unfortunately, those decisions are made at a higher level that the local event coordinators, in both States.

At least this year our two event, which are only 35 miles apart, are not being held on the same weekend! That means my team can compete at both.

From your view point, Caleb, isn’t it enough that the two event have unique codes?




There actually two distinct St Joseph rivers, on opposite sides of the N/S continental divide.

With robots, of course. We’ll put up Stryke Force and whoever they pick.


Aren’t both events on the same, westward heading, St. Joseph River? The one that drains into Lake Michigan.

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Coming in 2021 - The Indiana Michigan District in Michigan City Indiana presented by Indiana Michigan Power


I just took a look at TBA and the average joes are going in FIM St. Joe and Indiana St. Joe. That is a lot of joes for the joes


Event keys are mostly what I use, and those are fine. Full event names I’ll use occasionally and are also fine, although very easy to mix up, “IN District St. Joseph Event” vs “FIM District St. Joseph Event”. Their short names are equivalent though, both being “St. Joseph”. I use those for the tab names in my scouting database, and have to manually edit one or both each season. All entries in this field are unique except for “St. Joseph”.

I think we should compete at Fight Night 2020 to decide this. Just sayin.


My boys would LOVE a rematch with Pat and Grant…


Your right, the other St. Joseph river I was thinking of is a tributary of the Maumee, joining it near Fort Wayne, Indiana on its way to Lake Erie at Toledo, Ohio.

The St. Joseph River that runs westward through South Bend, Indiana goes on to St. Joseph, Michigan and into Lake Michigan there.

tl/dr; Water Game Confirmed.

How about “Saint Joseph” or is that still confusing?

Definitely still confusing.

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How about St. Joe and Better St. Joe? That’s a little better…