St. Louis airport just hit by tornado

This should make getting in to the Championship very interesting. The airport is closed. Hopefully they will get it open by next week.

Now I’m glad our team opted for the cheaper-yet-more-time-consuming train ride! Good luck to all teams flying in!

NOT what I want to hear after our incident traveling to DC. Where we took the train home, not there (which would have been faster then the plane I might add).

Yikes! We have some families flying tomorrow and sunday since NH is on school vacation! :eek:

It doesn’t look like there was any major damage to the airport, just some broken glass. It should be fine by the time FRC teams start arriving. But my cousins have said there have been multiple storms that had tornado warnings but few have produced an actual tornado. But still you should be on the look just incase.

But the real dilemma here was not getting to watch my Cards play, jk that was a joke.

Just spoke to my mom who lives in StL still. It’s just a lot of small damage and not too much major damage at the airport. Its more the fact that rain & storms are forecasted for Monday through Thursday…

They’re showing the damage at the airport on the news right now.

They say the airport has “suspended operations”.

hopefully this isn’t as bad as the Tornadoes in Downtown Atlanta a couple of years ago.


The tornado damaged a terminal and parts of the airport’s Concourse C, which is used by American Airlines, AirTran and Cape Air, airport spokesman Jeff Lea said.

You can keep up to date at or They’re the same feed.

Edit: and are also live too.

Edit2: And this appears to be a picture from inside the terminal.

Just in from my niece who lives in the area…“the pics on the TV tonight show planes and shuttle buses just tossed around and there is a car hanging off the edge of the parking garage by the front two tires!”

11:45 p.m. update from my niece… “Just announced that the airport is closed indefinitely…there is no power at the airport either and over 50% of the windows have been blown out!”

I hope everyone at the airport is okay!

It appears that the tornado touched down on the side of the buildings by the parking and drop off area. While that will limit the damage that will affect the actual flights from what it could have been, it must have been pretty scary for the people who were working outside!

Tommy, is everything okay up in north county?

Ouch the only families using AA are flying in this weekend too!

I’m glad we opted for a bus! That’s really gonna make this years Championship a disappointment if many of the teams can’t make it! Looks like they’ll have to hope they can land at another airport and find some modes of transportation to St. Louis.

This is horribly unfortunate. The teams who will be flying into St. Louis may have some serious troubles; however, I would be willing to bet that the Airlines or airport will make concessions. The last thing they want to do is to upset their passengers, especially on such a large scale, and at such short notice.

We’re taking a bus, but unless the damage is less than what it looks like in some of the pictures I’m looking at, I doubt folk’s flights will go according to schedule.

There’s no chance they’ll reschedule competition, but perhaps the airlines could sort out some sort of flight to the nearest airport and bus?

I’m curious to see what happens…

We are coming down on a bus, but I feel bad for the teams (and family members of our team) that have to sort this out. Hopefully the airlines can work out running flights to nearby airports and running buses into St Louis. I haven’t seen many pictures so I can’t guess whether they will have it cleaned up by Tuesday/Wednesday.

Im no expert, but based on the pictures linked the damage looks fairly superficial. My guess is it gets cleaned up, windows get boarded over, or replaced, and everything is fine by Tuesday/Wednesday.

This is probably the most likely result. They’re showing newsworthy photos, of course, but nothing much else. Probably most of the damage to the airport/passengers was immediate, large companies generally find ways to calmly proceed with business after events like this.

Just Mother Nature’s way of reminding us that this year’s event may not be** entirely **different than Atlanta after all???