St. Louis airport just hit by tornado

I hope you’re right, we fly tomorow!!!

There’s been alot of very severe weather around the St. Louis area the last few weeks including alot of storms that have produced killer tornadoes elsewhere and they are in the heart of tornado alley unlike Atlanta which was a once under a blue moon event. Tornadoes are just part of life in the Midwest unfortunately.

Unfortunately, Lambert Airport was not the only area that was affected. I haven’t
been up to see what is open yet, but our team was supposed to have a meeting Saturday morning at 9 am. However, I am watching news reports about shelters being set up in North County where several teams are located. I know that everyone in St. Louis is already working to clean up the airport so that we can have a great championship, but please also remember that their own lives are impacted as well and keep them in your prayers.

From the look of the weatehr forcast it’s going to be stormy leading up to but not during the championship. Hopefully nothing too severe will occur.

ABC news just reported that the airport is shutdown indefinitely. Worst damage was to the main terminal partial roof loss and most doors and windows blown out.

I’m sure they will work quickly to form contingency plans, but it will be interesting traveling in and out of St. Louis for the next few days.

Looks like some people arn’t resting over this weekend.

Good Morning Teams,

We’re monitoring the situation in St. Louis and will keep you informed if we find it necessary to make any alterations to the Championship plans. Our hearts go out to the residents of St Louis. We are currently checking in with staff and contractors and are not aware of any injuries to the FIRST personnel already in the area.

4 days to Championship,
See you then!

Airport news brief is scheduled for 11am eastern time on CNN. My thoughts and prayers go out to the people of Saint Louis.

Even if they clean up the airport and open it up for arrivals, flights are still going to be backed up a lot… practice matches may be a little empty.

For people who shipped their robots. I heard that all the crated robots are stored in a warehouse down their somewhere. Does anyone know where this warehouse is and what its state is?:confused:

I’m concerned about this myself. Does anyone have any information?


The warehouse is at

8500 N Hall Street
St Louis, MO 63147

If you could, post how your trip went to give us an idea of what to expect

Sometimes is it easy to lose sight of what is really important here. I hope that all is well is St. Louis and the surrounding area. And if you hear an update from teams in the area as well, let us know.

Although all of us have concerns about how the second half of this week is going to go for us, St. Louis is still reeling with the immediate aspects of this disaster to their city. Please keep them in mind as they deal with their losses.

Amazingly, the St. Louis Mayor just announced that their goal is to get airport back to 70% capacity by tomorrow, and 100% capacity by midweek - assuming they get power back today. The Airport Director also said the airfield is now already back to fully functional level.

As Bill gave us an indication this morning, the FIRST leadership is working furiously to get information and will pass it on to us as soon as they know.

I know its hard - but just stand by for the facts as they become available.

Underscoring that -

I did call my airline, and as of now there are no delays, and my flight is supposed to depart and arrive on schedule. I am cautiously optimistic that this will continue to be the case.

As guests in the city, we should make an effort to do some fundraising for the folks affected by the storm. Any ideas out there?

I just spoke with Frank at 931. He confirmed that the address above is the freight depot where the robots are held, and said he had not seen any news reports of storm damage in that part of St. Louis. So hopefully the robots are ok. :slight_smile:

He is checking with team members in various parts of the St. Louis metro area, and I hope all the people are ok, too. My thoughts and prayers are with many St. Louis area friends today. I hope to be seeing all of you safe and healthy in a few days.

What airline are you flying in on? If we compile a list of airlines that are tentivley on schedule we could probably save several different groups of people a good deal of time and effort.

I am riding on a Delta flight