St. Louis Chairman's Award: Mountain Area Robotics

Congratulations to the St. Louis Chairman’s Award winners and the newest members of the FIRST Hall of Fame: Team 2614 - Mountaineer Area Robotics!


I am so pleased to hear that MARS has won the most prestigious award in FIRST!

They came down to North Carolina and won the Regional Chairman’s Award in 2012 and have consistently won the Regional Chairman’s Award at Palmetto for the last few years. Every interaction I have had with them has been nothing short of extremely positive. Both their students and mentors are passionate and engaged and it is always a pleasure to watch them compete.

Extremely deserving team!

I also remember as a Freshman and Sophomore on the team going to the Smokey Mountain Regional. MARS was THE team I always looked up to. Not only were they good and completed lots of Outreach, they were the biggest Gracious Professionals. It’s about time they get some recognition for their amazing work.

Congratulations 2614 from 1014. This is a very well deserved award.

MARS is so grateful for the outpouring of support from all our friends in FIRST. It has been an honor to work with each and every one of you. We are already looking forward to seeing everyone again soon and thanking you in person.

Congrats on the win.

Way to go MARS! Thank you for what you do.

Congratulations to MARS for their Chairman’s Award win! We love MARS, and salute the team, their leadership, and would like to send our congratulations in memory of Phil Tucker, who was an amazing and inspiring mentor to us and many, many other teams. Great work MARS.

Thank you for remembering Phil, John. Saturday was Phil’s birthday. A wonderful tribute to our departed friend and colleague.

I will never forget him, Steve. He was an important influence on me, and an inspiring figure. I’m sure that many teams would say the same.

Congratulations MARS!!! This is awesome and it couldn’t have happened to a better team.

I was in their pits at Palmetto this year and they had mini replicas of their banners through the years. I went along and said things like: you beat us there, you beat us there, I watch you win that, etc. One of the kids said, “you’ve been there for more of these than I have”.

And then they beat us in the quarter finals and won Chairman’s. Somethings never change.