St. Louis info and discounts

Because some mentors have e-mailed me looking for information about St. Louis and how to feed teams, etc. (NEMO stuff), I’ve done some digging and thought I’d share: - has 80% off gift certificates right now through 4/24 - read the individual details for each restaurant. Use code EASTER at checkout

Got a restaurant you plan to go to that isn’t in Check out their website to see if they have an electronic mailing list. Often if you sign up you’ll get a discount coupon or free appetizer for your first visit.

Does your hotel offer free breakfast? Call ahead and ask if they will open the breakfast early next week to accomodate your group (who may have to leave the hotel in the morning before breakfast is normally served).

Arch riverboat cruises - free one-hour cruise with purchase of tram ticket to ride to the top of the Arch if you sign up for their mailing list (which you can unsubscribe to after next week) - Note limited availability on cruise times! One per group.

Lots of coupons for entertainment and food, etc. in the area: including a Six Flags discount where everyone pays kids price.

More discounts here:

Hope this helps!

Thank you for posting this! This is great! :slight_smile:


My family uses coupons all of the time! Great way to save a lot of money on food for two to twenty people! Just make sure you look on their website to pre-select a restaurant before you purchase a card, since they don’t work at everywhere. Also the earlier you redeem your cards the better, since each restaurant only offers a limited number of deals through; so if you go their website a week from today, you may have some issues with selection as compared to doing it this week.

In a slightly related note, they also offer these cards for fundraisers too! Organizations at my High School buy these cards for $2-4 each and sell for $10 a piece. If you have a lot of members, it’s easy to have each person sell a few and raise a lot of quick money. offers gift cards which can be used at various restaurants OR the option to purchase specific restaurant gift certificates.

Another website of discounts:

I like saving money! :yikes: