St. Louis Regional Fall Robotics Training Camp

Posting this for the great team of FIRST volunteers in St. Louis. I worked with the presenters of this event for many years. If you will be in St. Louis this coming weekend, don’t miss this opportunity.

This Saturday, October 16th, from 8 am to noon, Gateway Tech and SLPS will again host the St. Louis Regional Fall Robotics Training Camp. This will be the 6th year at Gateway because of our central location, great flexible spaces for seminars, and your generous support. The success of these training camps also shows the excellent support we get from the community, business, and FIRST regional organization.

All seminars are free and offer students, mentors, and coaches top-notch training on the various disciplines necessary for a successful team. We typically have 120 to 150 participants come from three or more states and 20 or more teams.

Presenters include:

  • Abe Adewale for Team Awards
    , ABNA Engineering (a finalist in arch grounds redesign) and St. Louis FIRST Regional awards judge.
  • Tim Emerson for Team Member Certification Program
    , Maryville Technology and Team 1098 mentor.
  • Sean O’Grady for Pneumatics
    , FESTO engineer, trainer, and regional FIRST technical advisor.
  • Donnie Peacock for LabVIEW beginner programming
    , National Instruments engineer and regional sales representative.
  • David Gitz for LabVIEW advanced programming
    , Scott AFB engineering contractor and Team 1208 mentor
  • Richard Burkhart for *Everything about FRC Robotics but . . *
    ., White-Rogers (Emerson) engineer and St. Louis Regional lead inspector
  • Eric Curry for *Everything about FRC Robotics but . . *
    ., Team 1209 coach and AP Physics teacher
  • Ralph Lambert for *Everything about FRC Robotics but . . *
    . Team 1094 coach and Boeing engineer
  • Lou Pape and Team 1288 members for *Website Design *
    from Boeing and St. Charles, Missouri
  • Team 3330 members for *Rookie Perspective *
    from St. Charles, Missouri.
  • Charlie Blair and Frank Dressel for Everything about FRC Robotics but . . .
    Team 931 coaches and Gateway Tech instructors.

I’ve attached the agenda and encourage you to stop in and see for yourself. The seminars should be a great example of the many things Gateway Tech has to offer for our school’s open house starting later that morning.

Frank Dressel
Math and Pre-Engineering Teacher

Gateway Tech, SLPS, Emerson, and Ranken Tech FIRST Robotics Team 931 Coach

Fall Trng Camp Agenda.doc (33 KB)

Fall Trng Camp Agenda.doc (33 KB)

I really wish I was closer! This looks like an excellent program. Are any of the presentations made available after the Camp? I’d love to see a couple of them, the Team Member Certification Program one in particular, and if they were posted somewhere, they could reach a wider audience!

Thanks for the plug Richard :slight_smile:

This will be my second year giving the Team Member Certification seminar. I’ve been surprised at the interest it has generated. The goal of this program **for our team **is three fold:

  1. Empower team members with knowledge across multiple FRC disciplines
  2. Encourage a “student run student built” team approach
  3. Improve the experienc of all team members

This program could easily be adapted to fit FTC or FLL. I will package what I have now and get that posted. The most important thing to understand is that this is a framework you can use to share and validate knowledge. Beyond that, it can be what you want.