St. Louis Regional Videos

I’ve uploaded videos of the semifinals and finals from St. Louis this weekend. The rest may not be coming for a while as I’m going out of town, but I was able to get this much done when I got home tonight.

Thanks for doing this Dave! Now, I’ll be up all night watching them.

Thanks to the availability of a hotspot during my layover in San Francisco, the rest of the eliminations as well as qualification matches 1-6 are now up.

These are absolutely awesome! It was a lot of fun getting to show my mom/sister where I was for four days :stuck_out_tongue:

Quick question though, can I have your permission to put one or two of these on YouTube or something to show my friends? People who aren’t computer-savvy generally don’t have an xvid codec already [and don’t really feel like installing one]


I cant watch any of these videos. Winamp, WMP, and Nero won’t play them.


Try VLC;

You could try the directions at the top of the page:

Note: you will need the Xvid codec to play these videos. Alternately, you can download the VideoLAN media player to view them.

Courtesy of Dave Flowerday and Wildstang, video of the St. Louis Regional is now available on The Blue Alliance Match Archive System. Presently, all of the eliminations and qualifiers 1-9 can be viewed online or downloaded.

Thanks again to Wildstang for webcasting and recording this event, and be sure to check out the videos online!

Just curious but when are the rest going to be up? Such as qualifying matches.

Yeah, some of us don’t have the luxury of working on FIRST stuff all day, every day. It’ll be done when I get to it. Feel free to record the regionals yourself next time if you’re not happy with the speed.

Sorry, I thought that since 177 had a hold of the video that they had all of the matches. I didnt mean to be rude or anything like that.