St. Louis Regional Vids

Anyone have video of this years st. louis regional ??

According to this thread: There was a volunteer to capture and parse the video.

I too see this Joe.

So does anyone have the location of these guys locked down?


We’ve got it all and it’s split, I think 20 matches were converted and uploaded yesterday.

We should have it completely done this week.

If anyone is interested in a full set of hi-res, please let me know and we’ll work something out to ship you a set.



AWESOME!! Where are the videos being linked to/from ?

I’m converting them now. They’ll be downloadable and streamable on The Blue Alliance soon.

What I have of St Louis and BAE are now streamable.

I encourage people chopping videos to start at the Finals and work their way backwards, instead of starting at the start of qualifications. They tend to be more exciting :slight_smile:

word up greg

These should all be uploaded within the next hour or so to and to