St. Louis Weather

Don’t forget to put your water-sensitive electronics in waterproof totes or bags! We forgot to in 2012 and lost a bit of stuff when it started storming. NOAA is currently only predicting rain late Wednesday and on Thursday, but that may change.

Predicting the Weather for the week in Missouri, that’s the best joke I have heard in a while. :stuck_out_tongue: I will say that I saw many that people, myself included, did not have umbrellas for after worlds last year which left many people wet as they were trying to get home. Thursday does look like the most likely day for rain so all teams try to prepare a little bit. You don’t want to fly or ride next to a sick student on the way home.

What district Affiliation is michigan in

  1. Pacific Northwaest
  2. New England
  3. MAR
  4. FIM


It’s 81 degrees here now and very sunny and I’m hanging out in my room watching the Bruins and Red Wings beat each other up.
Tomorrow there will be rain and maybe storms.

Projected actual weather for St Louis: Wednesday through Saturday

W: Sun peeks through clouds, otherwise cloudy and misty
T: Rains only when you are outside, also 10 degrees colder than everyone said it would be
F: That weird rain where it rains a lot then stops over an unpredicatble interval just because.
S: Frequent lightning, hail the size of volleyballs, heavy rain, tornadoes, hell on earth, etc

Let’s hope for no repeats of 2012!

Second this.
I had $5000.00 in damage to my car from hail :ahh:

There may be storms on Thursday but nothing scheduled so far for the other days.

Statistically speaking, my observations indicate that there is a 12.5% chance of hail and tornadoes each day in St Louis.

The sample size may be small (4 days in 2012, and 4 days in 2013), but the numbers do not lie… it must be a terrible place to live :rolleyes:

Can we possibly reschedule the storms, on Thursday, to maybe next week :smiley:

Looks like next week is gonna get kind of chilly.
Now there may be rain and storms Saturday. Just in time for the finale.
The storm on Thursday could be the scary tornado spawning type.

Only on days that end in y. :smiley:

I’ve never known a cloud to look at a calendar.

So the back plan is the tether the robots on Einstein?

Don’t you know that event planning committees plan the weather too?

I used to be on the planning committee for my community’s Relay for Life. Without fail, out biggest complaint every year was the weather. Because we apparently have control over that. We choose to make it rain. There’s nothing I love more than trying to cover or move hundreds of weighted paper bags so that they don’t get soaked. Just so I can put them out again and light the candle in them later.



I knew it. Those greedy Relay for Life organizers. Every year it rained. Ever. Single. Year. And when it rained, it poured. Made for fun planning for our Robot Laps, though. :rolleyes:


I assure you. It’s an elaborate plot. If it didn’t rain, then people would complain that it was too hot and sunny. (Also an actual complaint.) It’s the middle of June. What did you expect?

On another note:
While the rain can be refreshing during Zumba, when you’re doing it at 6 in the morning after pulling a 24 hour day, and on wet grass, you start to dislike both rain on Zumba…