Stability of PhotonVision and OV9281 MIPI Camera in 640x480?


Has anyone noticed stability issues with the OV9281 MIPI modules in 640x480? I have a Raspberry Pi 4B with the Innomaker MIPI module. I can calibrate 1280x800 just fine, but can’t get through a calibration session with 640x480 before image capture hangs. (Using latest stable release OS image)

Normally, I would scoff at this, but I looked at the Amazon page and noticed that the official Raspbian driver build only supports 1280x800, but the Innomaker drivers cover the other resolutions. Makes me start :thinking: … I sunk like two hours into trying to get this to be stable before stumbling onto the 1280x800 mode

Since this is for AprilTags, maybe I want to be running at 1280x800 anyway?


Try this .jar: Add calibration decimate dropdown by mcm001 · Pull Request #739 · PhotonVision/photonvision · GitHub

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Thanks! I updated to the pre-release that had the commit and I saw the decimation dropdown. Unfortunately, it still hung. I also noticed that decimation kept setting itself to 2.

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