Stablizing the goal.

Field interaction - ROBOTS may push or react against any elements of the field, provided
there is no damage or disruption of the field elements. ROBOTS may not grab, grasp,
grapple, or attach to any field structure. If a ROBOT violates this rule, the head referee will
give one warning. If the referee determines that the TEAM is disregarding the warning, their
ROBOT will be disabled for the remainder of the match.

       Say you had two pieces of some type of material to stick in between the legs to control the rate at which it could swing? Would this be considered against the rules?

The said action would not be technically considered graping grasping or attaching to the goal but you may want to check with the Game Design Commitee

well personally i dont know but i would assume that you could not

It sounds like what your suggesting is simply pushing on the spider legs from different sides, in which case I see no reason why you couldn’t do that.

No. I was assuming that the spider legs would be shaking the whole time. For some people that would make it difficult to score. I was asking if you could use two pieces of material to slow down the movement

I am assuming that contacting the spider leg at more than one point will be considered grasping it, making the stratigy of slowing its motion with two pieces illegal. This however brings up the issue of how contact at one point will be viewed as well as having say a three fingered manipulator surrounding the spider, limiting its motion but not actulay controling it.

I have to admit that I have been reading these forums for a long time but have only recently begun posting. I say this only because in situations like this I find it more useful for someone to come with an answer or not come at all. I’m not saying that I know it all but somebody has a definite answer for this so let’s let them get there reply in towards the top so people like me who actually need the answer don’t have to sift through all of the assumptions.

The interpretation of rule G33 is going to be critical to some teams that have already referred to this type of design. I don’t see how they will determine a grasp vs general contact; will it impede the spiderleg’s motion along 2 axis or 3? If it impedes the spiderleg’s motion along 3 axis - it’s clearly a grasp/grapple, but restaining it along just 2 axis? I know how I would like to see it interpreted but this question will need a precise clarification from the game design committee. So we wait…

It sounds to me that you are suggesting leaving a part of the robot there to jam the legs. I think this would be highly illegal, as we have never been able to completely detach any part of the robot.
I apologize if I misunderstood you.

So, what is the general consensus on just pushing a spider foot for stablization?

I think just running into the spider legs is legal but according to the rules you can’t have somethin especially to hold onto the spider legs and stabilize it

It would not hold onto the legs. It would just be there so that it could bounce back and forth so you could slow the swinging rate