Stack Attack - Counterstrike

a member of our team has created a counterstrike mod for stack attack…
we’re still having a few troubles with the friction of the boxes and other little things like the boxes in the middle not being able to fall ( i think )

neways, if anyone is interested in modifying and fixing our problems on the mod it would be greatly appreciated.

it’s located here:

have fun gaming

I don’t have enough experience with coding to be able to fix the problems but I would love to test the mod with you!! I am a crazy CS fanatic!! Do you ever play on “! Frag’em & Bag’em”?

i posted this topic with the mod cuz i am actually registered here at chiefdelphi… the person who made the game isn’t on chief delphi

and i don’t actually have counterstrike myself cuz my videocard is really crummy.
so yeah
i hope u have fun with it

i definately will. that sucks that your video card isn’t good, you should get a new one…they aren’t expensive, I just got a new GeForce 4 for like $50.

i’m not really a gamer type.

no time this year
going into university next year
there’s a double cohort going on this year in Ontario (Canada)
gr 13s and gr 12s are going into university in same year. cuz government cut back on funding
so definitely no time to play

if anyone viewing this topic knows anyone who can create mods for counterstrike maps, we’d be very grateful if u could see if u could fix our problems

*Originally posted by Adam Shapiro *
**i definately will. that sucks that your video card isn’t good, you should get a new one…they aren’t expensive, I just got a new GeForce 4 for like $50. **

where? i need a cheap gfx card…

Well I got mine on sale at CompUSA but I’m sure you can get a good one from like or

hey, when that mod is finished, i’d be happy to test it. also, when a .bsp version of the map of the field is out, if you would post that too, that would be great. then, even though the mod might not be out, we could still use the map. thanks.


Hehe…that map would be fun to play on, you could hide behind the containers…

Hi guys,

Here is the map file with its wad. Any help with it is greatly appreciated.

Comments wanted too!:stuck_out_tongue:

Wow, cool. I dabble a bit in counterstrike, and what better map than STACK ATTACK? I will gladly test it out as well.

Make a similar Unreal Tournament map (you know, not 2k3, but original UT) and ill play it :slight_smile:

Has anybody made a Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast level?

I don’t have Couterstrike, and I would like to see it in 3D.

Token Team#0820 representation post :smiley:

Go NT haha

Did you make that with an older version of counterstrike, or maybe a set of wad files that you have to download? I tried the map and got something about a zeeditor.wad (something similar to that) error

I also get teh valve/zedit.wad
did you make this for the retail version of CS? or and type in teh card u want, ge force4 4200 is the best abrgain now, and the card ain half bad


This was made for mod cs.

I’ve included the zeditor.wad that was missing in the last file. My bad.

hey, i played the stack attack map a couple days ago, and it works great! thanks to whoever made it, i’m sorry, i didn’t catch any names or anything. someone ought to set up a server so anyone can play.

Wow, I just checked it out. Very nice job. My only Reccomendation is that you include some blocks that represent the size of robots. This gives you a very good idea at just what the drivers are up against when trying to see the opposite side of the field.