Stack height Poll (spawn from other thread)

Well heres the poll lets see what you all think will be the highest stacks

any stack of 4 or more will draw a lot of attention from opponents, and will be very difficult to defend.

so i said 7.

i think there might be a case where someone could get this many and, because of breakdown or something, there was only 1 easily defended opponent.

I think the best stack will be a stack of 4 with the 4th one turned upside down to count for 5.

There’s always the “looks like we’re up against two dead robots” possibility.

13 boxes*15.75 inches high per box = 17 feet high.

That is a LOT of height.

I think 8 is a more realistic, at least for most teams that want to stack.

i think we can go higher:yikes: