Stacking Robots

After reading this thread I was wondering about how applicable this strategy would be for Stronghold. If you could cut a 3rd pick robot to be as small as possible and then mount it somewhere on your robot every defense crossing would be counted twice. I don’t think scaling would be too difficult either, if the large robot is already doing it than the small robot would just need a tape measure climber to contact a unique rung.

I think the real question of if this would be a viable strategy is if it allowed the carrying robot to to transport 2 boulders at a time. If one of the boulders was being held by the carried robot, would it be counted as controlled by the carrying robot? I think this Q&A makes this a little complicated.

They do say that a robot does not need to complete a crossing under its own power, but it does have to start under its own power. Definitely something to ask on the q & a

per the manual, the definition of a “robot”

ROBOT an electromechanical assembly built by an FIRST Robotics Competition Team to perform specific tasks when competing in FIRST STRONGHOLD. It includes all of the basic systems required to be an active participant in the game: power, communications, control, BUMPERS and movement. The implementation must obviously follow a design approach intended to play FIRST STRONGHOLD (e.g. a box of unassembled parts placed on the FIELD or a ROBOT designed to play a different game would not satisfy this definition)

I’d be curious to see how far you could “cut” a robot down to while still satisfying the last sentence in the definition of a robot.

Can you make a tiny trailer to tow it around?

At first glance I thought you were wanting to stack while hanging… and hmm does this bring back cheesecake attaching a tow bar to your partners.

Throwback to Wildstang '07 I believe? I’d submit it to the Q&A, but I wouldn’t be hopeful for it to be a go-to strategy rather than a niche impulse mid match sort of thing.

Been there, done that…

If you’re going to coordinate this tightly, a “boulder brigade” should be able to speed up cycle times. One machine to round up boulders and deliver to the (probably tiny, definitely fast) courier 'bot under the low bar, which passes them off to the shooter. Picking up the courier 'bot would only be required to speed up breaching the defenses, and possibly the scale.

Scaling two robots in the time allotted sounds problematic. Although, if the lifting 'bot stayed under 4’6", it could hang the courier bot on a rung at any time. This would mean deployable hooks on the courier or hanging it sideways.