Stacking totes upside down?

In Recycle Rush, are you allowed to stack the totes upside down or sideways and still receive full points?

Yes, as long as they are on the scoring platform. Although it would make much more sense to stack them up right.

Unless they are already upside down. 0]


We tried stacking them upside down and they were actually less stable even with the wider surface on the ground. Our plan originally had been to flip all of ours, but we dropped it as soon as we stacked four or five and saw how tippy it was.

Yes, but I dont think its a good idea. From where I am standing the upside down totes are useless to teams, if anything just get the totes from the human player station, much easier.

This would probably be because of the elevated lips of the tote’s outer edge, correct?

I agree, when there are only ten tote that are down facing anyways.

I was surprised how stable they were stacked 6 high wider side up.

Yes, surprisingly the upside down totes can be stacked pretty well. We found it is very important to stack them consistently. So all upside down totes and then all right side up totes.