STAMP Beta v.1 is out w/ download, Live Demo, and Screen Shots!

Thats right, STAMP has released a demo of their one of a kind scouting application!

Here is a Live Demo.
EDIT: Please create your own user with the following details:
Team Number: 1 Team Password: 35106
Please DO NOT use the demo_user account.

The Live Demo has no data in it (at the time of this post). Feel free to go to the scouting input page and put some data in to see how the ranking page works or just check out the screen shots.

I have attached some screen shots.

You can download STAMP at the STAMP Download Page.

If you have any questions please read the README.txt . If that does not answer it feel free to ask on our forums.

STAMP will be releasing version 1 this coming Tuesday in time for week one regionals. We will then make releases each Tuesday untill nationals based of the feedback we get from each regional week.

Thanks so much and happy scouting!

Excellent stuff, thank you for the hard work guys.

First of all, I’d like to say great job with this awesome application. It is the best scouting utility I have seen.

I have a few questions, though.

  1. Will there be an option to add data from seperate events. We are going to multiple events and it would be nice if we could cross reference between events while still keeping the match data.

  2. Will there be an easier way to input team robot pictures rather than manually renaming the image files and putting them in the stamp/images/ directory?

  3. I have found no way to edit the robot summary. I tried to do this from the User Input page, but none of the robot specs were changed in the Summary page. Am I missing something?

Thanks alot, and I cant wait for the release version! :slight_smile:

What you can do is extract the mySQL database, via an application such as phpmyadmin into a .sql file. YOu can then call up this .sql file into a database any time you would like for each inidividual regional.

While we were developing this portion of the application we experimented with many ways to upload the photographs. After getting feedback from teams we found that most teams go around the pits and take pictures of all the bots. We found that it would be much harder to insert each photo individually via a php input file, but rather just let you dump all the photos into one dir and rename them. We may implement this feature in 1.2 or 1.3 though if there is demand.

An excellent point! This will defiantly be added.

Thanks for your interest in STAMP!