Stamp Editor 1.33 Help function doesn't

Any body else with this “Gotcha ?”

I downloded 1.33 (all my previous work and earlier versions are locked up in a previous laptop computer - turned boat anchor).

When I click on Help, the editor tells me I need to update the Help display program. When I click to allow this, it then tells me I already have a later version than the one it’s looking for, and ducks out, leaving me with no help.

I thought I heard someone say that it’s the help system that needs to be implemented before they release PBASIC 2.5.

I’m using Pains XP on a Compaq 1520 laptop, and the famous Keyspan USA19QW high speed serial adapter (with software handshaking, not hardware !:cool: It really works - well, it does on a year 2000 RC we use for testing, anyway).

I get the same problem, but I’m using a PC (Windows XP, Athelon AMD, and so forth)

Yeah, I get the same thing inside the editor. If I select the Help (PBASIC syntax) from the start menu group, it seems to work just fine.


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