STAMP Release: STAMP Match Calculator

STAMP has made yet another release, this time of a match calculator.

All you have to do is enter the match variables and bata-bing bata-boom you have the match scores, autonomous winner, and final winner. This is great for running points when making strategies or pre-ship events to put on a projector (just enlarge the font!).

STAMP Match Calculator runs in Microsoft Excel.

Attached is a screen shot.

To download go to:

Stay tooned for STAMP’s upcoming beta release of their stellar scouting application. it is going to be great, match predictions, rankings, everything!

Very nice.

That looks like it will work out very nice for scouting and etc, let you know how the team did and what they did during the match

If I understand you correctly you are referring to the data in te Match Calculator. That data is just something I made up to show how it works, it did not really happen.