STAMP version 1.0 (NOT BETA) is out for week 1!

Yes, the miracle of miracles has been pulled off and through many late nights of coding the STAMP developers have pulled of a release.

NEW things STAMP v1.0 includes:
Secure setup: only the admin can see team passwords etc
Match prediction: You input the teams, we tell you who the data says will win (yes, data can lie)
REVAMPED Robot Information Summary & Robot Summary Pages
Printerfriendly Robot Summary page
Explanations of: Strength of Schedule, Consistency, and Improvement Trend calculations

I am unable to give you a demo site or screen shots as it is 1am here and I need to pack because I am leaving for regionals tomorrow!

Head over to the STAMP download page to download!

Woohoo!’s php is broken, so I’ll have to wait until I get home to test it out on my home development server.

It appears there may be an issue with the “database_setup.php” file.

If you can do a little code hacking you CAN make the STAMP app fully functional. Open “database_setup.php” and replace

include 'stamp_includes.php';

//only allow if accounts have not been made yet
	$result = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM user")
				or die ("Query error: ".mysql_error());
	$rows = mysql_num_rows($result);
	if ($rows > 0) {
		die("This page is not accessible after accounts have been made.");


include 'stamp_includes.php';

Then run “database_setup.php” and create your first account. After that change “database_setup.php” BACK to the original. Then wah-la, you have a fully functional STAMP install.

We will have a 1.0.1 release out ASAP with a fix for this so you don’t have to hack it up.

There is now a fully functional demo, though you can only sign in as a level 1 (input level) user, not admin.

There is also no data, so to see anything cool you, or someone else will have to put some in.

Go here to check it out:

To create an account you need to use:
Team #: 1
Password: 74604

Dump the data from our development server into the demo, at least there will be some (fake) data to show.

Also, does anybody think the guys at the Florida regional will care that a webserver is running in the stands? :stuck_out_tongue:

I asked the GDC about running WIFI network at regionals, it is permisable.