Standard FRC Dances?

This may be the least technical thread I’ve ever started on CD. This may or may not be the result of a side wager with another mentor…

It has come to my attention that my students are in (desperate) need of FRC dance lessons. They certainly have the enthusiasm, but lack form. I fear that as a mentor I can only offer electrical theory and 8-count swing… Does anyone have any resources for putting together a quick pre-regional workshop? Cupid Shuffle 101? Advanced Cotton-Eye? Introductory Cha-Cha-Slide Physics?

Nerds don’t dance. They invent.

Ed, I have a lot of respect for you, but I must assert my difference of opinion in this important matter. Nerds do whatever they want to do, and they do it with style.

My advice, stand near the back and follow the person in front of you. Tip: doesn’t work for the dance where everyone rotates.

Good advice. Also: attend a lot of weddings.



To learn how to do the cupid shuffle, or cha-cha slide, listen to the song. They tell you what to do.

Cotton-eyed Joe, I would recommend the classic version (where you pick up your leg and kick your hand with your foot), rather than the new one (where you simply jump and cross your legs).

Youtube videos are a great resource to learn how to do these dances. I would highly recommend bring in the blasts from the past and do the Electric Slide and Raining Men!

Nerds absolutely DANCE! Here are some of the Uber-Nerds we’ve created practicing their dancing to a couple of mainstays, YMCA and The Macarena as soon as the robot was bagged.

Don’t forget the new one this year, the referee macarena.

I thought we were pretty good at dancing here

Ease your way in with Sweet Caroline and go from there.

Our team was offered $500 from a sponsor if the drive team did a dance before all their matches. Our dance for BAE/GSR was pretty simple, but I want to, at Boston and St. Louis, the Victor Cruz salsa dance.

For those in the North-east Dancing Dave the Referee can teach quite a few moves.

Being the “enthusiastic one”, I was given the job of creating an “Intro to FIRST-dances class” to bring some swag to the team next year. So far, I’ve got:

-Cotton Eyed Joe
-Cha Cha Slide
-Cupid Shuffle
-Electric Slide

Any others? Any new ones I should be on the lookout for?


Recently, the Tunak Tunak Tun has popped up (I swear I heard it like, 5 times and GTR East alone). And considering that that video was my life when I was 8 years old, it broke my heart to see how many people didn’t know the dance.

I have to say I love that song, and it comes with some pretty awesome moves.

Jump On It!

Well, maybe not the part at the end…

What the heck was the name of that dance they were doing at MSC? I’ve only seen it there. It was almost like an exercise dance.

The first time I saw everyone at Montreal doing it I was very weirded out.
I didn’t even know it had some international popularity til they played it at Boston.
I haven’t heard it since.

I just watched a video of that on youtube, though it may have been the wrong video. What…exactly do you…do? How would you dance to that?

And…mainly…why? :confused: