Standard Minibot Deployment

We would like to suggest a standardized deployment system so interchangeability of minibots is more widespread at the Greater Kansas City and Oklahoma City Regionals. The idea in mind is rather simple consisting of only two tubes vertically mounted onto the minibot with a corresponding mechanism to the robot deployer to attach it to the pole. This discussion is open to the teams that plan on going to KC and/or OKC regionals and comments are encouraged!

This is an excellent idea. Do you have any drawings for the proposed deployment mechanism?

I believe that it is quite simple! take two of the tubes that are in the Tetrix kit, and then use the mounts to attach them to any piece of metal that has holes already in it. I will try to explain it in picture form…:slight_smile:

Take two of these:
And attach them to these:
And then mount them to any two side-by-side holes on this:

The above component will be attached in a vertical postion on the minibot, and then all your robot needs to have is a simple pair of vertical pins that will slide into the tubes. (of course they have to be on some type of deployment device)

I personally think that this would be a great idea, and fairly easy for any robot to incorporate. This will help everyone to be able to share their minibot with their alliance partners. It is also easy to standardize because everyone should have the parts needed to make this if they came in their kits.