Standard Minibot Platform - Request For Comments

The fourteen teams in FIRST Quebec have developed a standard plate for teams to interchange minibots. We would like to manufacture and make this available free of charge to any team that would like to use it.

The plates are designed from 8" x 8" squares so that 72 plates can be made from a 1/16 sheet of 6061 (or 3003?) aluminum. Before we send it off to laser cutting we’d like to get input from the community.

The intent is that teams that develop a minibot pick a method of attaching it to the plate. Two options are shown, a pole (standard Tetrix) and a vertical slot. The holes can also be used. The pole and slot can be mounted wherever a team likes and they can easily be moved.

Teams implementing the standard develop their own deployment means to get the plate to the pole. Mounting holes are included to attach the Igus linear slide as a possible deployment option.

We would like to get as many comments as possible by Monday so that we can send it out and have it ready by the end of the week. (If all goes well.)

Thoughts everybody?

My first thought:
Ehh, another attempt at minibot standardization.

My second thought after reading:


I’ll bring this up at our meeting tomorrow (or can I say today now?) and get back to you, but I do like this. A lot.