Standard vs. Custom Frame

We were going to use some great tensioners last year but ran out of weight budget. Ill find them.

They are nice because they mount nowhere, and straddle both sides of the chain.

Team 85 used the kit frame the past two years with great success.
We used the kit frame to free up time to focus on the challenge.
I can not say if we will use the kit frame this year, Our students will make all the tough decisions :wink: after kick off.
I think the kit frame is a very good stock frame.
And you can win using it.


Custom frames are by far the superior in performance, lightweight and strong if well designed.

However, you must design everything first. Randomly drilling mounting holes afterwards with a hand-drill is unprofessional and mistakes can happen.

I design the entire robot first, including electronics and wiring. Then you make everything. If you’re good, you can machine and weld the frame in 20 hrs work or less.