Standardization of Manipulation

I think that in Aerial Assist standardization of robots will be a key to scoring high. The standardization will allow toss and catches along with assist much easier to complete. So share what ways you think are best to catch, assist, and toss!

I feel the game is all in how you play it. that being said, it all depends on your strategy. is it worth to take a few more seconds to score 10 points, or would you rather get a quick dump in the floor goal and keep your cycles coming more frequently possibly scoring more? i found this interesting dont know about you

This is a great idea to put forward early on. Once I discuss basic strategy with my team and come up with basic designs I can report back and we’ll be able to bounce ideas back and forth. Until then, it’s a bit hard to standardize a group of designs when we don’t even know what works and what doesn’t yet.

I agree it’s a bit early because most everyone knows what they want to use yet but I wanted to get people thinking about standardization early on that way the game can be played to its full potential!

I agree that the low goal is a highly possible way of scoring big points but I think it’s going to be hard to assist without tossing and catching balls because of defense. I was thinking if you already have a tosser then why not score in the high goal?

we came to the same conclusion. if we were going to attempt at least right now, to get over the truss, then you might as well shoot for the 10 points. we thought this mainly since the ball over the truss could equal out the assist for the white zone, thus giving you the same amount of points. so lets say your alliance isnt the best, you could perhaps only get 2 assists, but get the toss over and still get the same amount as if you got all 3 assists and the 10 point goal

I disagree. I don’t think that standardization would be extremely beneficial. The way I see it, the key to scoring assists quickly will be a floor pickup. If a team can simply launch or herd a ball in the vicinity of an alliance partner, than an effective floor pickup will get the job done quickly. Flat-out standardization would not only be difficult, but will somewhat limit design creativity.

I completely agree. Consistency, in the vein of everyone being able to pickup from the floor, is the key.