Standing Together: We. Are. #FRCstrong

Aloha teams,

On the morning of March 12th when FIRST announced the suspension of the remainder of the regional events, and the cancellation of both of the World Championships, our team held an emergency meeting.

We posted the following caption on our very next IG post: Iobotics Instagram

" Why do you build? //
To win a competition? To score the most points? What happens when there are no more games to play?
@first_official_ has taught us to do your best. Always. To finish what you start. To play the game with respect and honor. And to never, ever, give up. And in the wake of this saddening news for the 2020 FRC season, it has never been more important to rally together.
To walk the walk. To not talk about it, but to be about it. To play till the end, even if the matches have been cancelled. The games might be over, but the season is not. We have something big coming - to bring all of us together, in spirit.
We. Are. #FRCstrong "

We are encouraging all teams - wherever you are - to continue your season, to share your videos, to tell your stories, and to share your good work with the greater community. We care about what you’ve accomplished this season. Please continue to share on all social media platforms using the hashtag: #FRCstrong - Many FIRST accounts have reposted our content, so please feel free to share and use our content in an appropriate way. When you repost the #FRCstrong content, we will send and post custom team content with your team number (see our stories).

There is also a fundraising component to this Social Media Campaign, and we will be releasing the merch we are designing. We want to help fundraise for teams that lost a substantial amount of resources because of suspensions and cancellations. We have purchased the domain name, and a few other similar names, and we are designing something that we hope to launch as a platform for your authentic voice.

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