Standings of SPBLI regional?

Can someone tell me what the standings are of the SPBLI regional? Im just curious how my former team is doing.

Awards are up at

Congrats to winners 527, 358, and 870, and chairman’s award winner 358!

Matches and rankings are also up.

527!!! lol, we owe it all to our amazing drivers, ken (robot driver) and me :smiley: (arm operator) O and we couldn’t have done it with our pit crew!! :ahh: . congrats to all our alliance partners(we rock!!), hope to see you at the nationals.


what happened to the one UK team?

They have the team numbers for all the alliances screwed up. They show the finals between




… I tried to tell the ppl at the scoring table, but I got severly yelled at by them. The alliance colors and scores are right though at least. So, unless I’ve been living in an alternate reality all day, they have the team numbers screwed up.

PS: The UK team goes to the NYC regional not SBPLI. So, we shall see.

Everyone behind the scorekeeper table were so impressed every time 527,358,870 marched out of their zone together during autonomous mode. The three bots looked like soldiers taking their position and getting ready for attack!

Yeah it was awesome, we we’re so we’ll matched with our capabilities. my team was fast at capping and moving accross the feild (6 seconds from one end to the other without a tetra, 8 with a tetra), 870 was awesome at pushing and defense, and 358 was good at capping and utilizing the human loader stations. It also helped because 870 knocked down the tetra during autonomous and then joined the rest of us in the center, after that we went our seperate ways, and we wouldn’t have lost the second match if the FIRST volunteer was restocking the autoloader instead of sitting down and staring into space!!!

Nationals or bust!!!

527 - For picking us for the finals, and being such great allies
870 - For being such a great and powerful ally

A funny thing about that… look at the teams in each of the orders:
358, 527, 870:
(3 5 8 ) = 358
( 5 2 7 ) = 527
( 8 7 0) = 870

I was a bit scared in the last two matches with our robot breaking… luckily our great mechanical/electronical teams fixed the arm
… the problems were in the pipes at the end cracking and breaking and the telescoping mechanism we have has springs and I believe one of them broke.

Congrats to all of the regional for all their great effort and great robots they built for the competition.

Uh, hey, I’m noticing a pattern, why did the blue alliances win almost evrytime? Was there a reason? It happened to often to be a coincidence.

That is a bit scary. Also, did you notice that we were all sitting in the same section of the stands (358 in front, 527 behind (east), and 870 behind (west))?

If you want to argue that, go to this thread

(3 5 8 ) = 358 :eek:
( 5 2 7 ) = 527 :eek:
( 8 7 0) = 870 :eek:

This is really freaky!

Anybody know the odds of this occuring randomly? I’m thinking roughly 6/1,000, but not sure. (1/10 * 1/10 * 1/10 for the three numbers that have to match * 6 different orientations of team numbers. This neglects repeated numbers and the fact that no two teams have the same number, as well as quadruple digit teams.)

Here is all of us after autonomous:

Here is us and 358 crusing with tetras:

All of the rest of the 110 pictures:

As for blue having an advantage, we had no problem with red. I think we were in Red 1 at least 6/11 qualifying matches and then in Red 1 for all 8 of the finals matches. So, The myth of Blue having an advantage is busted.

Yeah that looked awesome in autonomous mode! :slight_smile:

Good job guys all.

Hopefully we’ll see some of you at nationals!

I don’t think one side had anymore chance than another. I think an awesome match was when we (527) we’re paired up with 2 defensive robots, and the other team consisted of 3 capping robots (including the pobots) and we won by a point, that was the most tense I’ve been when waiting for the score to come up :smiley:

Hey Adam,

We did awesome. We did make it into the finals… We ranked 12 overall.


I want to thank 527 for picking us and 870 for alliance partners.
Hey, Ken and Phil, you guys are a great drive team and we did work great together didn’t we?

[font=Verdana]I should say our coach Pat (DarkJedi), driver Chris (Revolverx7), arm operator Liz (RoboticsIsLife), all around great human Bryan (MobiusOne358), and autonomous Bobby (AIBob) all worked well with our alliance partners. You guys were fantastic! (Don’t get cocky, we have Philly in three days.)[/font]

I also want to complement all our opponents on well fought and exciting matches.
Finals was very, very exciting.

[font=Verdana]And Bobby that “string” was Spectra and is 700 lb test. Those were the repairs, so one of our pulleys was held on by $.70/ft “string” at the end![/font]

The most tense I was when we were waiting for the score to the final match. :ahh:

I’m gonna try to get a video up of our autonomous modes working together. I’ll post it when I have it. :slight_smile:

Since I’m home on my spring break, I’ll be doing video editing for 527 and will also post some as soon as I can. (I still have 3.1 gigs of video from my trip to BAE with Team 97 on my hard drive!)